STELZER Míchací technika

Míchací technika (výkon pohonu od 0,5 kW do 300 kW) pro všechna průmyslová odvětví.


The SDR DIN agitators are designed for full compliance with all applicable DIN standards. The advanced modular system integrates easily in any environment. Fast seal replacement by swivelling upper lantern part in one of the outstanding features.

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STELZER Standard DIN Vortex Agitators

The Stelzer standard DIN Vortex agitator revolutionizes agitator field maintenance. Innovatory design allows the lateral removal of the mechanical seal within less than an hour. All vortex agitators are equipped with a standard mechanical seal, shaft and coupling replacement unit for fast lateral disassembly and assembly. The DIN vortex agitators are fit for use in explosive atmospheres.


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STELZER SNR Standard Agitators

The SNR standard agitator is the typical industrial agitator for medium-sized power and torque requirements. Compact design, quiet operation and a wide range of alternative models are among the characteristics of this product line. The SNR Standard agitators are fit for operation in explosive atmospheres.


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STELZER SSR Side-Entry Agitators

The SSR side-entry agitator was developed as a low-cost alternative for large tank applications. In the SSR side-entry agitator, A large top-entry agitator was replaced by a number of smaller side-entry units. Features of the SSR side-entry agitator include quiet operation, high pumping capacity, an advanced mechanical seal as well as a shut-off device for seal replacement while the tank is filled.


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STELZER SM/SG and SHS/SHK Compact Agitators

Benefits of the SM/SG and the SHS/SHK compact agitators include reliable performance even at low torque, perfect concentricity and quiet operation at all speeds, a wide range of applications even for the standard unit and low-cost system modifications through the use of a great variety of alternate components.


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STELZER hermet Magnetic-Drive Agitators

The hermet magnetic-drive agitators are used in all industries where products must be handled in a sterile environment. The hermet magnetic-drive agitators system is fit for CIP and SIP and materials have been FDA approved for compliance with current GMP. The hygienic design, no-maintenance operation and the hermetic sealing system set new standards.


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STELZER SLS Life Science Agitator

The Stelzer SLS life science agitator is a compact low-height unit designed for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnological sector and the food industry. Stelzer SLS life science agitator satisfies all relevant standards such as GMP and FDA requirements. A hygienic-design double-acting mechanical seal warrants effective product containment. Stelzer SLS life science agitator fits even on a very small vessel due to the unique integration of the mechanical seal in a stainless steel body.


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STELZER SKR Coaxial Agitators

The SKR coaxial agitator is a high-performance unit equipped with two impeller systems each with an independent drive and control system. SKR coaxial agitator integrates several processes in one unit. The client benefits from shorter batch processing times, increased plant throughput and reduced vessel, pump and heat exchanger costs. The SKR coaxial agitator are fit for operation in explosive atmospheres.


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