Coesfeld Materialtest produces and distributes material testing equipment for numerous fields of application and instustrial branches. Focus or our activities lies on chemical and petrochemical industires (plastics, rubber, paint, varnish, glue, oil, lubricants and bitumen) as well as manufacturing industries (structural elements, profiles, windows or packaging) and also the automobile industry.

Mineraloil, Bitumen, Lubricants



Quality control of liquid gas, petrol, grease, lubricants and bitumen lies in focus of the field of application. Most of the mentioned materials are tested with regard to international norms and standards. We offer a wide spectrum in this field ranging from A-Z starting with Abel flashpoint, bending beam to cloud and pour point, flash- or freezingpoint to viscosity.









Polymer Materials

Plastics, rubber and composites are in great focus of our activities. We offer products for static and dynamic tests, impact testing, measurement of hardness as well as thermic test as heat distortion (HDT) and softening temperature (VICAT) and equipment for raw material tests as granulates. Of course we offer the corresponding accessories and instruments for your specimen preparation.

Specimen Preparation

  •   Cutter
  •   Presses
  •   Tempering



  •   VICAT HDT IC (Integrated Cooling)
  •   Eco-VICAT oilfree
  •   HDT Series
  •   External Oil Cooling Unit


  •   DeMattia Test Stand 32
  •   Tear Analyser
  •   Biaxial Test stand
  •   Fatigue Tester (force and travel)
  •   Fatigue Tester (travel)



  •   Creep Tester
  •   Universal Testing Machine
  •   Tensionstest
  •   Compressiontest
  •   Shorehardness Tester
  •   Digital Universial Hardnesstester
  •   Ball Indentation Test
  •   Thickness Gauge

Impact Strength

  •   Impact Tester
  •   Pendulumus
  •   Brittleness Temperature Tester
  •   High Speed Impact Tester

Abraision and Friction

  •   Dynamic fricition tester
  •   Abrasion-Tester
  •   Friction and Peel Tester
  •   Frictiontester UTM

Raw Material

  •   Pourability
  •   Flotation and Apparent Density
  •   Apparent Density
  •   Density Precision Scale
  •   Density Pycnometer
  •   Density Gradient Column
  •   Melt-Mass-Flow-Rate (MFR)
  •   Kofler Heatbench


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Surfaces, Paint and Coatings

The test equipment of this field empraces physical, electrical and thermical test of powder coating, hartz, paint, lacquer and plastic coating. This includes mechanical tests as abraision and gauge, electrical test as cathodic disponding, resistance, and coating thickness, thermical tests as gel time, film forming temperature, softening, melting point, evaporation and corrosion.


  •   Resistance Measurement TO
  •   Tracking Current CT
  •   Coating Thickness Meter
  •   Cathoding Disbonding
  •   Holiday detection


  •   Gauge Tester
  •   Wear Resistance Tester
  •   Gauge Tester


  •   Gel Time Measurment GA1 / GA2
  •   Gel Time Measurment GT 16/20


Film and Surface

  •   Film Formation with Temperature Gradient Plate
  •   Film Applicator
  •   Degreasing Baths

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Testing of pipes is our field, which is defined most narrow. Most testing equipment relates the the quality control of pipes and pipe coatings according to DIN 30 670. We offer you all that is necessary: Indentation hardness, minimum coating thickness, continuity, coating resistivity, impact strength and heat aging.

Indentiation Hardness

  •   Penetrometer for Pipes

Minimum Coating Thickness

  •   Coating Thickness Meter


  •   Holiday detection

Coating Restistance

  •   Mobile Tension Tester
    •   MTT and MTT M 500

Impact Strength

  •   Mobile Impact Tester for Pipes

Heat Ageing

  •   Heat Ageing

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